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  • Posted by howies
  • 9 September 2008


DO is DONE but are you now DOING?

first day back in the office after the DO today, lots to do at this end but you've got lots more to be doing

the weekend was an inspiration to me, i feel like i do so little and that i'll never do enough but now i know 70+ people have gone home to DO more. i could work myself into the ground doing but alone i'll only do a little, together we'll change the world.

i have two DO's for you and if you do them we'll change this country by the middle of next month

1 - when the DO films go live next week find 10 people who don't know about the DO and get them to watch at least 5 of the films, then tell them they have to go and find 10 people to carry on the cycle. you could forward the links, drag them over to your computer in lunch hour every day for a week or invite them round to your house for the evening, however you do it get people watching. if it takes a week for each of us to get 10 people to watch the do talks by the middle of the month 1 million people will have seen them

2 - find two items you don't use or don't need and give them, for free, to someone who will use them, who will love them, cherish them or just actually use them. you cannot swap these items, you cannot recieve anything in return for them and you definately can't sell them, they are gifts. whoever you give them to must do the same, take two items and give them away, this is the gift economy and its a liberating experience freeing you from the unecesary attachment to material goods. if everyone gives two items away in 2 days by the middle of next month over 250million items will have been given away and everyone in the uk will have joined the gift economy (aswell as alot of people outside the uk)

go DO