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Cape Town

  • Posted by howies
  • 30 October 2008


8.5 million people in South Africa, 3,239,765 in Cape Town
98,031 shacks, 522 are in Cape Town give or take a few
11 official languages in South Africa
13,8 million cattle  11,507 Merino sheep  1,656 thousand pigs
6,310 thousand non-wool sheep   2,180 thousand goats
3,541 boats   41,969 aircraft used Cape Town Airport
8,395,833 overseas visitors who spent R74.2 billion rand
In 2003 there was 2.3 million tons of waste, 2kg per person a day
215 traffic accidents occurred per day 
Friday is the worst day of the week for traffic accidents
67864 accidents on tarmac and 648 on gravel/dirt
739 cycle casualties
Second  lowest unemployment rate of South Africa cities
South Africa is five times the size of Japan
Three times the size of Texas
It soaks up over half of the world’s highest category of 
solar wattage per square metre of land
13.2 GigaWatt hrs of electricity from city windfarm 
will save 140,000 tons of coal, renewable’s will replace 254,000 tons CO²

3580 parks   31 cemeteries
4079 trees planted on city park initiatives
Transport is responsible for over half the total energy use
The main road used to be made  out of wooden blocks
Petrol accounts for 68% air pollution
In March there is a 105km cycle tour with nearly 40,000 participants
Two Oceans Marathon is a 56-kilometer ultra-marathon with 8,000 participants
Local Beer: R9 = £0.64   Glass of wine: R15 = £1.06
Petrol per litre is £0.28
Annual rainfall of 464mm
Average temperature in January (summer) 
maximum 26ºC and minimum16ºC
Average temperature in July (winter) 
maximum 18ºC and minimum 7ºC
3 blue flag beaches   1187 tons of passion fruit, 4,539 tons of litchis and 28,539 tons of guavas 
are grown and sold each year
There 1,470 plant species  on Table Mountain and 500 species of plant 
27: years Nelson Mandela spent in prison