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  • Posted by howies
  • 30 October 2008


78,000 people live in Ceredigion, 4, 203 people are in Cardigan
48.8% of the population is male   51.2% of the population is female
11,308 sheep   11,466 cows   67 goats   68 pigs   178 horses   348 poultry   111 farmers
0 Starbucks  0 McDonalds   0 Burger King   0 Sushi Bar  0 Subway  0 Costa Coffee
1 mobile phone shop  3 Fish & Chip shops   3 Bakers  1 Butcher   3 Supermarkets
1.90 inches of rainfall in May    4 inches or rainfall in October
15-16 hours of daylight in July    Average temperatures of 17.2º
7-8 hours of daylight in January    Average temperature of 2.22º

4 Blue Flags   4 Green Coast Awards  7 Green Flags   14 Seaside Awards
150 cups of coffee served in Andy’s coffee shop 
180 cups of tea (but only one toilet)
Cardigan is the opening of one of the longest rivers in Wales, the Teifi at 75 miles

221 fires in the county and 6 in Cardigan   50 full time students 
251 households without a car or van
48.67% people can speak, read and write Welsh   23.42% have no knowledge of the Welsh language
24 people travel 60km and over to work   107 signposts on public rights of way
100-200 bottlenose dolphins

It costs 25p for a green waste bag from the local council
Compost bins can be bought at £16.45 from the local council too
36.7% of the county’s waste was recycled last year   6.7% was composted
Real Nappy Project: 550 packs of washable nappies have been sent out in 
an aim to reduce waste
Compost Awareness Week 7-13 May 
21 nature reserves around in and around Ceredigion 
400 pairs of red kites (birds of prey)
£1.05 petrol cost per litre   Ticket to the cinema £4.50
26000 visitors to Cardigan every year
70% of people own their home   12% of people are in social housing 
13.5% people privately rent their homes   15.1% homes are without central heating