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Dear Mel

  • Posted by howies
  • 30 October 2008


Dear Mel
Thanks loads for the invite to your special day on the cliff at Whitesands, I heard by all accounts it was a beautiful day. Everybody here who went said it was one of the best weddings they had been to and fun was had by all.
I had every intention of coming along, I even got my suit out the boot of the car, where it had been languishing since the last wedding I went to and gave it a spray with some Fabreeze in readiness. I was even looking forward to it.
Unfortunately things changed on the Friday before your wedding when the chart, pressure, wind direction, all that rubbish, for the Saturday looked particularly good and I realised that a rarely breaking wave would be working. In other words I went surfing.
I realise as I’m writing this how selfish I sound and I’m not very proud of myself, but in my shoddy and very weak defence it was supposed to be the last decent swell of the summer.
If I’m invited, I promise I’ll make it to your next big important event, well when I say promise it kinda depends on, well, you know… Sorry