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Earn Your Beer

  • Posted by howies
  • 30 October 2008


Unload bike.  Put helmet on. Set off. Turn right up the short path.  Always muddy.  Open gate.  Head down, short climb for 30 minutes.  Reach the bit where the shepherd's caves are.  take the path that goes right.  Fast downhill.  Track made by sheep.  Climb again, this time for longer.  Hard going.  Reach the Tryg point (high point).  Catch breath.  Take in the view.  Pedal off the top.  Fast downhill.  Spray from the grass keeps me cool.  Through the rocks.  Past the bogs on the right.  Watch out for those big divets.  Smile like a child all the way down.  Reach the bottom.  Can taste the mud.  It's back across the side of the mountain.  Legs getting tired.  Steady climb for a while.  Up through the mud and the bogs.  Reach the last high point.  Set off down the well-defined sheep track.  Watch the big slippery rock boulders.  Hit brakes in time to stop at gate.  Then it's onto the road at the bottom.  Ride along the road for a short while.  Back where I started from.  Load bike up.  Get changed out of wet gear.  Two and a half hours.  22K covered. Feeling good. Tired legs.  A beer earned.