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  • Posted by howies
  • 30 October 2008


I like that it's sunny here 338 days a year. 
But I also like the June Gloom, the misty marine layer that hovers over the bay and seeps into the canyons at the start of summer, and I like that on really hot days itís at least 20C cooler here than 'The Valley'. I like winter when all is quiet. I like how the mountains collide with the coast. 
I like that you can hike or bike or surf or swim or dive or skate or run or just sit on your tired ass and stare at the ocean. 
I like how long and perfect the wave is at Surfrider Beach. 
I like that when a big storm hits Antarctica, you know those swells will eventually make their way to this little piece of bay, and I like to be there when they do. 
I like weekdays because the weekend warriors are all at work. 
I like coming down the mountain on foot. I like the breakfast (and old photos) at Paradise Cove, the pizza at Tra di Noi, the fish tacos at The Reel Inn, the burritos at Lillyís and everything on the menu (except the prices) at Taverna Tony's. 
I like the wildlife too (no, I don't mean Britney). 
I like the deer that graze outside my window, the coyotes that wake me in the night. 
I like the dolphins and whales, eagles and hawks, rattlesnakes and mice, and the bobcat I locked eyes with for a good minute on Corral Canyon Road. 
I totally dislike the fires and mudslides, though I do like the way the threat of them keeps the faint of heart away. 
I like how clean the air is after the Santa Ana winds have blown. 
I like how blue everything is. 
I like to stand on Point Dume Preserve and stare back at the length of Santa Monica Bay, the Queenís Necklace to my left, the vast Pacific Ocean to my right. 

I really like Malibu.