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more of ice and sun

  • Posted by ruben
  • 29 October 2008


It hailed during the night and my car had an inch of ice on the roof this morning.

After scraping the windows and mirrors off and feeling glad that I had the foresight to put anti-freeze in my windscreen washers, I set off to work.

The sun was up and it was that kind of sharp, cold, bright morning that makes early winter so enjoyable. (for me, anyway)

Part of the drive in was along the top of a hill, with great views down into the misty valley.

I had to stop and jump out of the car to have a proper look around.

I took a photo, but it doesn't really do the scene justice.

I was torn between wishing I was on my bike and wishing I had a big old large format camera in my boot.

Further along was another amazing scene with swans in a flooded, misty field.

But that was a busy bit of road and I couldn't stop for that one!