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San Francisco

  • Posted by howies
  • 30 October 2008


6454 recorded riders in rush hour of which 24% women ?and 76% men. 72% wore helmets and 28% didn’t
276 bicycle collisions in San Francisco
Bike to Work Day is on 15 May
450,000 vehicles    23,000 parking meters
Nearly 200,000 traffic signs   More than 1100 traffic signals
Over 880 miles of lane lines
4 billion vehicle miles travelled within city ?= 2.43 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions
1,381 licensed taxis permits
120 compressed natural gas (CNG) taxis operate in the city ?This is helping reducing tailpipe (exhaust) emission
PARK(ing) ON 19 September: artists, activists, and citizens ?will collaborate to transform parking spots into art work
40 cable cars/trams   Cable car speed of 9.5 mph
6,200 subway cabs   660 miles of subway track
1,193 miles of streets   Longest street, Mission Street: 7.29 miles   
Widest street: Sloat Boulevard, 135 feet    
Narrowest street: De Forest Way, 4.5ft

4,375 restaurants  8 theatres  65 museums  5 bridges  229 parks     
450 high-rises    237 historical landmarks buildings
32,866 hotel rooms  25.8% of visitors rent a car
15.8 million visitors spending $7.8 billion in the city?Visitors: Male = 53.5% Female = 46.5%
Average age of visitor is 46 years old
 29.5 miles of shoreline  7.5 miles of waterfront   39 piers
265,291 average number of commuter’s daily
Over 200 coffee houses within the city boundaries 
10.9% of kids will drop out of high school  25,000 people that skateboard 
1.5 million tons of waste are produced every year,    
69% of the materials are recycled
Goals of 75% landfill diversion by 2010, zero waste by 2020.
San Francisco spends approximately 1 billion dollars on energy each year
It produces 9.7 million tons of green house gases each year 
Renewable energy programmes will eliminate an 550,000 tons of CO2
80 million-plus gallons of wastewater every day
668,000 trees which remove about 287 tons of air pollutants each year
Top 5 places visited, Fisherman’s Wharf, Cable Car Ride, Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Ferry Building