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Dear all, after i posted earlier this week about the Bivvy Book i had an idea for a competition that you could be involved in if you so wish. Inspired by Roanald Turnbull’s exploits i would like to do a little something that may appeal to some of you.

Armed with no more than a bivvy bag and sleeping bag to sleep in you leave the comfort of your homes for a night and do not come back for at least 36 hours. From the front door to front door, no motorized transport allowed at all and you must travel on foot for a minimun of 30 miles, sleeping out under the night sky in your bivvy for the evening. You can go where you want but it must be door to door and on foot. To keep it fair each entry will be classed as one even if you are not alone on your bivvy expedition.

The trip will need to be photographed and your route documented for inclusion on the howies website. The visual documentation of your journey is very important so take as many pics as possible and write no more than 500 words about your adventure.

Ronald Turnbull , the legendary hill walker and author who wrote the “Bivvy Book”will then pick ten entries from the list who will receive prizes. The great news is that all your stories will posted on the howies website. Cicerone publishers will give ten signed copies of either of Ronalds Books (The Book of the Bivvy or Three Peaks Ten Tors) as prizes for the top ten entries. The three stories that Ronald decides are his favorites will get a howies merino base layer product of their choice. A howies tee shirt of the week will go down from 4th to 10th place. The closing date for entries will be Jan 10th. That gives you plenty of time to plan your trip and also means you don't have to travel  miles and miles to have a good time. So there we have it "The howies 36 hour Door to Door Bivvy Bag Challenge."

We would not have been able to do this without the co-operation of Cicerone publishers and Ronald so howies would like to thank them for supporting this idea for a competition and romp around this fine land in wintertime. I would like to add it’s not restricted in any way to geographical limits. If you live in a city and end up sleeping there or anywhere else for that matter we still want that story, the main things being just keep it legal, challenging and above all fun.

Please send all finished features as word documentss for the story (no more than 500 words) and all photos in j-peg format, no low resolution please. name address and phone number too please in case we need to call you.

Address for all comp entries to (this email address will not be live until Jan).  : [email protected]

Ronalds site is here.

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