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i miss my bike

  • Posted by ruben
  • 18 November 2008

I haven't taken the bike into work for a while.

I've been driving in.

So I get up in the morning,
sit in my car,
drive to work,
sit at my desk,
sit in my car,
drive home,

A couple of weeks full of this much sitting and things get a little depressing.

I do have excuses (although I admit that they're not really all that good...)

But basically, I miss the ride.I miss the wind in my spokes and quiet lunchtimes by the river with my bike for company.

Spending money on petrol is depressing.

And food isn't so satisfying without the thought that you're fuelling your body for something fun and worthwhile.

So I'm going to stop being lazy and getting fat... I'm getting back on the bike.