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lawrence english

  • Posted by tim
  • 12 November 2008


Lawrence English is not someone I know personally, I have never met him. But right now he is in my head and has been for over an hour. I have let him in. ‘Iczer One’ the artist is Lawrence, the album is called Ill Translation and was produced and delivered by him on Horrorshow records in 2000. How I came about this album I do not know but I am playing it as I am writing this. I like it, and it was just my luck that tonight I decided to listen to some music I haven’t ever heard before. Joy can be so simple.

 I thought I’d google the Lad, here’s what that throws up:

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PO BOX 771 HAMILTON CENTRAL QLD AUSTRALIA 4007    [email protected]      WWW.ROOM40.ORG

Lawrence English is media artist, composer and critic based in Brisbane, Australia. Working across a broad range of investigations, English’s work is eclectic and characterises a long-term exploration into various themes including audio/visual environments, found sound/vision, subtle transformation of public space and sonic art works that exist at the very edge of perception.

For over a decade, English’s audio explorations have sprawled across a range of areas. Sonically, the work calls into question the established relationships between sound and structure – traversing experimental soundscapes and free improvisation to sheering rhythmic works and concréte-influenced compositions, his published works span a dynamic array of fields. London’s Time Out referred to his output as ‘ambient twisted soundscapes and challenging sonic scree’, and U.S. sound journal, Signal To Noise described English’s work as ‘extraordinarily gorgeous modern music concréte’. In recent years English has performed and improvised with the likes of David Toop, Terry Riley, Keith Whitman, Ami Yoshida, Steinbruchel, Damo Suzuki, Marina Rosenfeld, DJ Olive, Philip Samartzis, Scanner, Tetuzi Akiyama, Janek Schaefer and KK Null.

Diversity of practice is again the case with English’s visual and poly-media works. His most recent 3-screen video installation Ghost Towns, seeks to create an abstract ‘virtual map’ of remote Australian spaces, examining the micro and macro aspects of these environments with equal vigour. Previous works including the large-form temporal sculpture ‘Field’ and his curated ‘Gravities Of Sound’ exhibition in Singapore, explore the ways in which media can refresh and transform public spaces. In 2006 English produced a series of sound art works specifically for the deaf and hearing impaired communities under the title Silence Listening. These works were amongst the first of their kind in the world, exploring and examining the notions of isolation and sonic interaction within these communities.

English has recently been producing a number of full-length recordings for a variety of artists including Japan’s avant-pop icon Tujiko Noriko, Tokyo based psychedelic folk collective Tenniscoats and Australian noise-pop unit The Rational Academy. He has also recently composed new works for guitar for the renowned new music ensemble Elision, as well as undertaking compositional works with avant-circus troupe Circa and theatre groups including Backbone, Pact. English acted as the musical consultant on the Barbican commissioned The Importance Of Being Earnest.

 Outside of his recording and art commissions, Lawrence English curates a number of ongoing sound events including fabrique at Brisbane Powerhouse, Mono at the Institute Of Modern Art and Syncretism/NineHoursNorth at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts. He produces the annual Room40 festival Open Frame and co- produces a number of other festivals including Sound Polaroids, Liquid Architecture and What Is Music?. He continues to curate numerous art exhibitions including Melatonin – Meditations On Sound In Sleep, which is touring internationally until 2006 and Incidental Amplifications. His segment ‘The Anti-Charts’, which explores unusual and exotic music is broadcast nationally on Australia’s Triple J Soundlab program and he continues to produce an extensive range of radio documents and sound works for programs such as the BBC’s World Service. His writing can be found regularly in journals such as Signal To Noise, Paris Transatlantic, Cyclic Defrost, Vital Weekly, Time Off and many other online outlets.English’s imprint and multi-arts organisation ::ROOM40:: maintains a steady release schedule from an eclectic array of Australian and international artists.


His website is here

 This is a great italian record label for some interesting music