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oats and milk

  • Posted by ruben
  • 4 November 2008


i happened to find myself in a supermarket this evening, the malevolent name of which i shall not mention, and while pondering the subject of tomorrow morning's breakfast (i strongly believe in planning ahead when it comes to hunger), i took a stroll down the aisle where the breakfast-suited food is kept.

and then i encountered a problem.

in front of me stretched thirty feet of shelving, displaying a mind-boggling array of alternatives for the would-be breakfaster. cereal of all kinds, with or without nuts, raisins, dates, apricots, bananas and/or honey, fat, sugar, chocolate.... as well as cereals for children that come in different boxes depending on your kids favourite pop hero of the moment.....

in short, my problem was variety. sometimes you don't want to have to pick between 30 different 'buy me! i'm the right option for YOU' packages before you can get home and eat, or whatever... the supermarket environment makes me even less inclined to spend the necessary time to make decisions like this, and even less inclined to spend money.

i have this same problem every time i need a new toothbrush.

in the end, i couldn't decide which cereal best suited my personality and current mood, so i decided i'd just go home and have porridge.

put oats and milk together and make them hot.