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We like Busy

  • Posted by ruben
  • 26 November 2008

I really like being busy...

Getting stuff done of the best feelings. It's especuially good when your work feels worthwhile.

There's been lots of that kind of Busy around howies lately.

For example, today Ade and his team loaded up the van with stuff for Bristol - They've got the till, the counter, the rocking chairs, the nice rug, the cupboards, the ironing board, iron, washing machine and the bath (but no kitchen sink...) they also loaded up the safe, the golf balls, the hoover, the mop, the merino wool fleece, the glass tank and the oak sucessor tree and the picture frames. (drop by when we open if any of these sound odd, it should all make sense when you see the shop)

Oh, and they also took a load of clothes. Quite important.

And the sample sale is happening tomorrow, so there was a lot of stock to count and load up. Me, Kim, Harri, Emma, Hollie, Adam, Tom, David, James and Simon were working on that at various points throught the day...


Ade is now on his way to Bristol in his fully-laden van, Anna, Will and Matt are waiting for him to arrive so they can start making the shop look good and filling it with stuff to sell, and we just finished packing up the two vans which will be heading to London for the sale tomorrow.

There's a lot of van action going on today.