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The pilot jacket lives again

  • Posted by howies
  • 15 December 2008

A quick story.

I bought an X-large real simple jacket in San Francisco.

I loved it for its cut. And wore and wore it.

Then I had a meeting with Steve Peat and a guy called Nick Bayliss .

They told me about this amazing material called Ventile.

I then found a factory up north. I visited it and it all looked cool.

Then I sourced some riri zips cos they were the best.

The factory made the jacket and we started selling them.

The factory then went out of business.

We found another factory and sadly a little while later they went out of business too.

So a little while later (and a few more factories later) we just stopped production.

I had a pilot jacket and it was just getting to look, you know, beaten up and lived in.

And I lost it. And it bugged me.

So I kept pushing us to make a simple jacket that would last and last and last. Made in the UK and using organic Ventile. (A first, I think)

So we have 60 (30 mens, 30 womens) jackets coming in today.

Better make that 29 mens.