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What happens when you wake up one morning and have no oil?

What Happens when you run out of oil?
The USSR collapsed in 1990/91. Cuba’s ability to feed itself collapsed with it. Overnight it had 80% less oil and no money for imports. The next two years were called “Special Period”. They were not that special. Everyone ate less.

They had no choice but to grow their own food and go organic. Oxen replaced the tractors. Old ways replaced chemical fertilizers. Every bit of land that could possibly grow something, did.

These small organic farms and gardens located in urban areas became known as Organiponicos. 

They learnt to be farmers again.

Cuba now leads the world in sustainability in urban locations. Cuba’s infant mortality rate is lower than that of the US, while at 77 years life expectancy is the same. Approximately 90% of its food is organic.

How would we cope without oil?

The total oil imported into the UK per day is 1,084,000 barrels.