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Glove tech

  • Posted by tim
  • 6 January 2009


Teri posted about gloves recently and her freezing fingers, it's not a nice condition. The worst thing about so called specialist cycling gloves and the winter weather is their size and bulk so i never use them, it's like riding to work with sleeping bags on each hand, no fun at all.

The best solution i have found is to use silk undergloves which cost about £5-£10 at the most . You wear them under your normal summer gloves so you can still feel your bars with no problems and stay warm and in control, the silk also wicks away the sweat from your hands so they don't end up all slippery and wet after your ride into work. 

Motorcyclists and horse riders have been using silkies for years so save your self some money and treat yourself to a pair. Riding to work in the freezing cold will never be the same again, and you'll still be able to pull up on the bars for a bunny hop up the kerb which you couldn't do with those sweaty giant oven mits on. And you can still itch your nose with one digit stead of feeling like your wiping your face with a flipper. 


google silk under gloves.