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  • Posted by ruben
  • 18 February 2009

I have a new fixie! I took it home last week to do some minor tinkering with it, and it ended up getting left in a corner, ignored and unridden.

So today, I decided I would ride it into work.

I left loads of time for the ride, because I was expecting hell up some of the hills and I've never ridden a fixed gear that far before... but in the end I didn't need most of the time I left and I got into work about 15 minutes early!

The hills were surprisingly easy going, and the fixed wheel experience was definitely something new. I learnt a lot about how I usually ride.

Like how I usually free-wheel when looking over my shoulder for approaching cars. I probably wont be doing that again after what almost happened this morning.

(but I got in safe and I didn't have to put my foot down or walk it once.)