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Mowie's Story

  • Posted by howies
  • 23 February 2009

I've been keeping hold of a pair of old Howies jeans for about a year, simply because I wanted to photograph them and send the photo in... So I saw your blog post and got 'em out.
I bought them in about 2002/2003 - can't remember what they were called - but they took some hard wearing. Plenty of riding and lots of travelling. Eventually the crotch ripped whilst playing around on my bike. I still wore them for a bit and then the seams burst - which was my fault as I started tipping the scales at 90kg, and I bought them when I was about 80+kg.
Mistakenly I bought a pair of Levis in about 2006 - they lasted a whole season before the same thing happened to them - so I won't be doing that again!
At the moment I am skint so I won't be buying anything soon. 
Take it easy. Enjoy the photos - look forward to seeing the scrapbook!
All the best