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Old Faithfuls

  • Posted by howies
  • 21 February 2009

Sometimes, the longer you have something, the better it gets. 


-Red Wine


-Best Friend

I met a nice chap called Andy this week. He builds things, rides a lot and does loads of stuff outdoors.    He's been wearing his Kaizens every day for 6 months. He has a real passion for denim and loves the light creases and wear marks he has created over time. He hasn't washed them yet and is determined not to.     His jeans show a bit of his story and it ain't nearly finished yet!

He also has a top tip for stopping any odour- put 'em in the freezer overnight, he swears it does the trick!

If anyone out there has some old howies jeans which tell a story, let us know- washed out, torn, stained, send us a photo and we'll start a scrap book!