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Saturday snow drifts...

  • Posted by howies
  • 9 February 2009

The aim this year is to ride every weekend, whatever the weather... wind no problem, rain love it, hail stones stingy but fun, snow hummmm not so sure bikes were made for riding through the white stuff! None the less Math, Ruben, David Hicks and I were determined not to let the weather get the better of us. Even when the mountain road was impossible to drive up, we persevered, and took the long way round, when we got to the Brecfa red route we powered up the first ascent (well David and Math powered up like trained mountain goats while ruben and I paced our selves of course!). But after the first 15 mins the novelty had worn off, even the descents were slow and full of drifts, slides, crashed into powdery niceness, it was an experience but next time there's snow you'll find me on a sledge or a snowboard with the bike tucked up in my shed! 


Heres some lovely photos Ruben took of our adventure...

West Wales winter wonder land.