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My big feet

  • Posted by howies
  • 1 April 2009


My big feet

My BIg Feet
My foot measures a foot, as in twelve inches. 

Actually both of them do. Pretty big and very useful for measuring out an impromptu swimming pool.

My footprints can vary in size though. Sometimes they’re tiny when my big feet are happy to look for locally grown fruit and veg. My big feet will also politely refuse carrier bags and my big feet don’t mind going on a trip to the recycling bins down the road.

But then you got the odd day when my footprints are a bit massive. If my big feet want mango, my big feet will have mango god dammit. If it’s a long walk home for my big feet, a couple of carrier bags won’t hurt and if it’s too cold and wet for my big feet to go outside I’ll just chuck the paper in the normal bin this time.

Having spoken at length to my feet about this they both agreed they like being big but they love having small footprints.

Words: Ben Harris
Illustration: Federico Jordan