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that fixed moment

  • Posted by ade
  • 2 June 2009


one gearwhen you ride a fixed the most important thing that you learn is never freewheel abscent mindedly.

one simple rule. and you do learn it, sometimes the hard way. you start by saying pedal pedal pedal in your head over and over, you have a few moments and the odd crash. but you train your brain.

and then no matter whether you ride fixed or free the switch is automatic.

but there are times when deep deep deep inside your brain other automated things you do on your bike over ride the pedal pedal pedal command.

last night on the way home i took of my glove, pulled the i-pod from the pocket, set a new track and then repocketed it. then i pulled the glove back on with my teeth.

and i always freewheel when i do that.

my head went into glove mode, my legs stopped, the bike bucked, my head went f--k, the bus skimed passed