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1000 up 4000 to go

  • Posted by howies
  • 13 July 2009

A couple of days ago on my cycle ride around Britain I passed the 1000 mile mark (I also got to
Scotland) and thought I would do a list of 10 things I've learnt from the journey so far.

1  Cycling on your own is great, but being with your mates is better.

2  Where you get one hill, you get lots.

3  You can get a good cake anywhere in Britain.

4  You see some funny stuff.

5  Don't spit into the wind.

6  You eat a lot when you are on a bike all day.

7  Going slow is better than going fast.

8  There are golf courses everywhere, why?

9  Our country is beautiful.

10  Camping is better than B&B's (unless you need to charge batteries).

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