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Environmentalism and Climbing

  • Posted by mark
  • 23 August 2009


I found this article on UKclimbing.com by keen climber, runner and environmental consultant Es Tresidder on the relationship between Climate change and Mountain sports.

Also tonight on Countryfile, BBC1, 7pm, John Craven is reporting on how eating less meat can contribute to saving our planet!

Ethics of eating meat byCaroline Stacey

''if the average UK household bought half as much meat, according to CIWF's calculations, carbon emissions would be cut by more than if we used our cars half as much. Is it really such a sacrifice to cut out a chop or a chicken breast here and there to decrease our animal intake to 500g of meat and 1 litre of milk or 100g of cheese per week, if it means, in the words of CIWF's D'Silva, "healthier people, happier animals and a healthier planet"?

Both articles make for very interesting reading.