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Billy Bragg and Nick Hand on the slowcoast

  • Posted by tim
  • 17 September 2009


Every man has his heroes, ever since i've known Nick we do most of our chat about the bands we love and hate, frame builders and at some time during the evening Billy Braggs name will crop up on Nicks lips and he'll slide away from our conversation silently and go quiet as i see Billy's lyrics floating round his shaven little head and a dreamy look fall over his aging chops like a warm wind kissing a cold face. So yesterday when i checked Nick's position on the map and saw he was headed to Lyme Regis i thought i'd drop him a line and tell him where Billy lives and also warn him of Abbotsbury Hill and the nasty climb out of Lyme. This morning i got a lovely text from Nick telling me he's just posted a soundslide of Billy and of course mentioning those climbs. Good old Nick, here's the clip of the Bragg.