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Born too early to die old

  • Posted by howies
  • 1 September 2009


Born too early to die old

Born too early to die old
Getting up early used to be difficult.

But I think I read somewhere that the older you get, the earlier you wake up. Which gets you thinking that as you age, there’s something nagging away at you, telling you to make the most of things.

Then I read another thing. It said that somewhere on Earth, a person has been born who will live to be 200 years old. Technology and medicine will align in future years, and give us the power to treat an increasing number of ailments. So there’s a man or woman out there who will still be alive in 2209.

Seems like quite a way away. 200 whole years. Think back 200 years. What would the person born in 1809 make of 2009? Everyone walking around with Bluetooth headsets, riding on their Segways, wearing shoes with plastic bubbles in the heel.

I was born in 1973. And I’m guessing that if I’m still around in 2073 I’ll be doing pretty well. You will note that I have counted myself out of the race to be 200 man (or woman). I was born a little late, and anyway, I have a feeling that Model 200 Man (or Woman) will have been born in Japan (something to do with all of that green tea and clean Mount Fuji air). I’ve got the wrong geography.

But I reckon I can squeeze some extra days out of my allotted time. And I think it has something to do with getting up early. I know I can glean more from a day if I’m up with the binmen. 
I can get most of my work done by 8.30am if I’m being honest – no interruptions, no phones ringing, no people whizzing past the window on a Segway to distract me.

Life could get longer if I watch less shit telly, set my alarm an hour earlier, take a stroll in the cool morning air and consider my future. I can make that happen, with the help of a superior alarm clock.

Tick tock.

Dan Germain

Short footnote – this was written on the 05.41 train from Didcot 
Parkway to London Paddington. Living the early morning dream.