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It's all about the people

  • Posted by howies
  • 1 September 2009


It's all about the people

It's all about the people
Before we left for Sweden it was all about Sweden. I was nervous about the people bit. The places were going to be new and exciting, but people are hard, people are complicated. For the most part it’s like this when you go away with a bunch of folk. 

But there’s something about preparing and eating a meal that brings people together.

By the time we were onto the rhubarb crumble we felt like a family. Eleven days later and it felt like we’d been together a lifetime. We saw amazing scenery. Pine and silver birch trees, glassy black lakes, blue skies and misty mornings.

But after a busy day shooting photos, give us a table to sit around, some bread and butter and we could have been anywhere.

Jon Heslop