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Learnings from a chicken shed

  • Posted by howies
  • 1 September 2009


Learnings from a chicken shed

Learnings from a chicken shed
1. They like simple. Up at dawn. Roost at dusk. Eat all day long.

2. They like regular. Food and water each morning, come rain or shine.

3. They respect each other. The cockerel waits for the hen to eat first. No matter how hungry he is.

4. They like sunshine. They don't like the rain or wind so much.

5. They value their freedom, second only to their food.

6. Apart from the small omission of a date stamp, the egg is a perfect piece of design.

7. Put their food away each night. Don't feed those that want something for nothing.

8. They like to roost up high. It keeps them from harms way.

9. They lay less in Winter than they do in Summer.

10. Don't walk under the chickens when they are roosting. You will only make this mistake once.