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I hate you today

  • Posted by ade
  • 29 January 2010

I am drained from a week of running and riding.

I haven't slept well due to tight hamstrings.

And this morning I am a little dehydrated.

It was raining hard.

The head wind brought me to a standstill many times and made the whole journey just pain.

I couldn't spin in the saddle on the hills because you are a fixed wheel.

So I shouted out on the climb my hate for you , I cursed you and regretted choosing you over the bike with gears and it went round and round in my head, I nearly stopped to throw you in the hedge in anger, real tears came to my eyes as I tried to raise the pace over the last climb to work and I walked in soaked with sweat and empty legged.

Today I hate my fixed wheel.