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Lucky For us Joe Barnes

  • Posted by tim
  • 18 January 2010




Joe Barnes has been a howies rider for a while now. Here's his latest email sent after he came down for a photo shoot with us. I'm sure he didn't expect me to post it but it's a taster of what his new year looks like. Have a good one Joe.

Hi Tim
Happy new year.
I hope all is good down in Cardigan. It was great to come down for the photos and see what goes on down your way. Since then I have been home since enjoying the snow. Lots of cross training and I have been going out xc skiing a lot and also DH skiing on the Nevis Range. It has been great fun for a change but now the majority of the snow has melted it is nice to get out on the bike again.
As I haven't been to New Zealand this winter I am even more excited about next summer and have planned out my racing schedule and possible road trips. Over the last few months I have been kitting out my race van inside. I have changed the layout, fitted a second battery, more lights, cheese fridge and increased storage space. I along with friends are going to make a video blog next summer following our road trips to central europe racing IXS Euro Cups, world cups and the mega. I have always loved film and when i was 15 I made a film for the Fort William Mountain Film Festival that won best film and got sent to Banff for their best films. It was just a bit of comedy mixed with some down hill but a good mix. I haven't had a camera since then but it will be great to get set up again.
My training is going well and I am constantly improving in the gym and getting out in the hills loads as well. I feel I will be more prepared than ever for next summer and orange are making my new bike just now with a new revised linkage that should be the ticket.
I am racing all the world cups, IXS European cup, Mega Avalanche, British series and select Scottish races.
The British DH film Foot Out Flat Out 2 has been released and includes my section filmed here in Fort William on my own tracks.

Thankyou for your support

See you at some point over the summer