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Snow go... delays

  • Posted by ruben
  • 5 January 2010

It's been snowing and sleeting most of the day here in Cardigan.

It hasn't been settling much in town, just turning to slush, but for those living a few miles inland, the roads have been impassable and we've lost more than a couple of staff today.

They were forced to go out and make snowmen, sledge down hills or start snowball fights instead of sitting at a warm desk. It's a tough life, and those of us who got in this morning have been thinking of their hardship.

Another downside of the snow is that Royal Mail and our other couriers have not been able to get to the warehouse and pick up your parcels today, so unfortunately your order may be a little late.

We will get your stuff to you as fast as the weather allows, and we'll update you on the status of the collections as soon as we have some more news.

For now, I suggest making the best of the weather!