ran to work the long way today. mapped it at 10.5 miles. ran it in 1 hour 36.

Running a longer distance from a to b feels more of an adventure with an uncertain outcome than doing a loop.

The first 5 miles on the road were hard and when I got to the bridge at Llechryd bridge I played eeny meeny miney mo to see if it was the shorter road way with hill and no pavement, or along the river over rocks and roots.

I mo'd the long way. I practised what Russell Ashdown taught me about going downhill. Let it all go and run like the wind but there are a few paths through the wildlife park that need a surely planted foot.

And then there is that feeling you get at the end of a long run when you see the finish and the pins and needles wizz up your neck and your empty legs fill and you can smell the coffee.

When I got to work I knew that if I looked in the mirror the image of a tired looking 39 year old wouldn't tally with the fit 20 year old I felt like.

Next run is in London with Molly who we ran with at the do.