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The pebble man

  • Posted by tim
  • 4 February 2010


There's no point me telling this story so i'll leave it to my good friend Paul to tell it how it is.

Hi Tim

Was in the pub watching the inevitable occur at Elland Road last night and found myself sat at the bar next to Dr. Geebers - the pebble man.

I had heard about him a few days before, creating a pebble sculpture on the beach in Criccieth so i guessed that it might be him. I do tend to frequent my local pub for local people....

He is inspiring in that he is homeless with all the issues that seem to go with this. He decided in May last year to walk down the coast from Brighton and make a couple of Pebble sculptures as he went along. He wanted to walk along the coast because he wanted to stop drinking during the day etc.. this shortish walk has now turned into a determination to walk around the coast of Britain. He is now walking around Anglesey and is due to create his next sculpture in Beaumaris early next week.

He is writing a book about his experiences/journey etc and all proceeds of the book will go to the homeless.

He is on facebook here

There is a youtube clip from Amroth

Not really sure about how else to contact him. If you can give him any publicity on the howies by the way blog.

He is living off the generosity of people who meet up with him, usually only when he is making his sculptures. So any publicity that he gets will I am sure help him on his journey.

Hope you are well.