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love at last

  • Posted by howies
  • 25 March 2010

So I have been on a mission for a while now, to find the perfect waterproof jacket.

In the past I have bought 2.5 layer polyester man made jackets and find they feel horrible to wear one minute your hot, then your cold and noisy and you look like your wearing plastic.

You get the feeling you had when you were a kid and your mum told you it was going to rain and put your waterproof on, groans and mumbles followed of course.

Now more recent ones have looked better but they still feel the same.

Then a few years ago I borrowed an old howies ventile jacket which had been returned due to a minor stitching problem, with a lining and a detachable hood and although I found the fit not quite right for me and my jumpers and dog walking it always kept me dry, felt good and I saw there was potential.

The problem was I got quite hot in it, the collar was tight and the pockets were fiddly, its amazing how things so simple can be a pain in the rain...haha poetry.

Anyway I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the new howies ventile jacket, all I wanted was a shell which I could layer over my jumpers, covered my bum, breathed well and  kept the water out properly. But it also had to look like cotton and not a plastic jacket so I could wear it with a dress and flip flops on holiday and it would look as good as

if I was wearing it at home walking the dog or in Paris or London running between the shops doing research in the rain.

Finally they have come in and I have one.

I have tried it on with jumpers, t-shirts and it looks and feels great, not like a waterproof at all.

Now all I need is for it to rain.

No I don't mean that really, but if it does I am now prepared and I won't get wet, hurray.