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Green Oil UK Limited is a family run company based in Bromley in Kent. From product ingredients, to the bottle deposit scheme, to the recycled boxes used for wholesale orders, being green is central to all we do.

Green Oil has won awards for performance from the cycling world. Green Oil UK Limited, the company behind Green Oil won a Bromley Environment Award and was recently short listed for innovation in the BikeBiz Awards 2008.

Our cheesy slogan used to be 'destroy limits, not nature!'. The slogan referred to destroying your limits of skill, stamina and speed, yet without damaging the environment with nasty toxic chain lube. However, this wasn't inclusive of people who just wanted to ride to the shops.

Our new slogan isn't calling for a military coup, so don't worry. The revolution we all need to join, is one of making the world environmentally sustainable. Within this, we need to use bicycles more, and embrace the 'revolution' of all those cogs.

If people continue to use toxic chain lube indefinitely, future generations will have more pollution to clear up, aquatic life will suffer and cancer will spread. PFOA, a byproduct of Teflon, the ingredient used in many chain lubricants was classified by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a 'likely human carcinogen' in 2005.

If companies continue to use deforestation paper, and generally operate for short-term profit at the expense of the environment, the future will not be good for us, or for future generations.

We at Green Oil UK buy back our bottles, use sustainably sourced ingredients, and use recycled paper in the office. Our packaging is easily recyclable. For example, the plastic labels now used are the same type of plastic as the bottle, making recycling more efficient and reducing label contamination in the recycling stream.

End dependence on pollution join the revolution!

Simon Nash the founder of Green Oil, will be joining us on Tuesday 23rd March from 7:15pm onwards to give a talk on the company, how it all began and where it is going. He will also be giving demonstrations and a workshop on how to get the best from all the Green Oil products.

If you would like to come down and have a listen, a free beer or innocent smoothie and maybe get your hands a bit dirty, then email us at [email protected] or ring us on 0207 287 2345 and reserve your ticket!