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Coming of age..

  • Posted by howies
  • 21 April 2010

       I've known this customer for about  for about 6 years, when he used to buy howies gear from my shop on Park Street. Those jeans he's wearing are over 5 years old and he's worn them for a large part of that 5 years! Having nearly taken his leg clean off on a tree whilst out riding (and put a mahoosive hole in the knee) he decided it was time to trade them in.

Amy sorted him out with a super fresh pair of Stoker Selvedge (my absolute most facourite jeans ever) And yes, the OSDs he's wearing started out life a very similar colour!

We have limited stock in Bristol and Carnaby St, of the Stoker Selvedge jeans (no 32 waists, I'm afraid) but at £110 from £160, they are such good value. I've worn mine every day for over a year now and I reckon there's a few more years in them yet!