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Arfordir Araf*


Arfordir Araf*

Arfordir Araf*
Long journeys are about discovery, finding out about new places, learning about ourselves, and learning new stuff everywhere you look. There is no doubt that you miss so much flying along roads in a car. On a bike you can stop pretty much anywhere, you drift though landscapes and miss very little.

Last year I took a break from helping Aron and Pete design and rode my bike around the coast of Britain. Wales was the first part of my adventure.

I took a few wrong turns early on, for example, riding around the Gower peninsula, a mapping error took me ten miles off route. I ended up on a beautiful hilltop with views of coast to the north and south, skylarks were soaring above me. If I had gone on the right route I would have missed it all. Just shows a wrong turn can sometimes work out pretty well.

A unique aspect of travelling up the welsh coastline is the amount of time that you have mountains on one side and the ocean on the other: the Brecons in the south, Preselis in the west and Snowdonia in the north. Anglesey is a brilliant place to ride. It has hundreds of small roads running through it and you will pass many neolithic and bronze age standing stones and burial chambers.

As with all journeys in the UK, the little quiet roads are the best. And if, like Wales, you get a good proportion of off road tracks running along the coast, there is nothing better.

I would say that anyone who sees an opportunity to take on a long journey by bicycle should grab it. You don’t know if it might come around again.

Nick Hand - slowcoast.co.uk

*Aron promises me that's Welsh for slowcoast