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Factory Trip

portugal trip report:

volcanic ash disruption no problem
huge queue in the airport slight problem
sunshine and warm days in Portugal no problem
plenty of Portuguese food and wine no problem at all!

I think the numbers look something like this (although I didn't honestly keep track)

Portuguese egg tarts (half a dozen or so)
new foods experienced 3 (fig compote, arroz tamboril, cozido a Portuguesa)
factories visited 6
fabric mills visited 1

morning runs 2
nights in an ancient monastery converted to a hotel 3
glasses of wine (hmmm....average 3 per day?)*
*my count only if I included Simon's in the total it would just be embarrassing!
our days were of course spent working away, Simon and I visited the factories that we use in Portugal to review Spring/Summer 2011 samples and visit some of the factories that are new to us and we hadn't yet visited.

All of the factories we use globally are visited by us and undergo a code of conduct assessment to make sure the working conditions are good and workers are treated well. We currently have all of our factories listed on our site, and with the launch of our shiny new site (hopefully in the Autumn) we will be able to tell you more about factories and include pics...in the meantime, please do contact me or Hicksey if you have any questions on this topic. [email protected]

visit to factory in the North, nice location (vineyard and river to the right)

visit to the factory that makes the seamless styles (currently women's leggings and undies...stay tuned for more comfy seamless styles in the future

T-shirt factory