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The Art of the T-shirt

  • Posted by aron
  • 10 May 2010

If you were to ask me what makes a good t-shirt design, I probably couldn't tell you. Countless hours i've spent thinking, drawing and criticizing t-shirt ideas and still i haven't figured out the art of it.

Is it about making a statement? Or perhaps about not making too much of a statement? Should it jump off the cotton with 6 colours or hide subtly on the hem in one colour? Witty ideas are great, but if it's too clever the idea can often get lost. So is it about a balance of qualities? Maybe... maybe not.

I've seen a t-shirt that literally (and i really mean literally) took under 10 seconds to draw, sell 300 t-shirts in a week. The world of t-shirts is so mind-boggling it's unreal.

I write this because we're already thinking about the Autumn catalogue and getting t-shirt ideas together. And t-shirts are an important part of our catalogues. After all, that's how howies started.

If you have an opinion on this subject, please share. And if you want to voice an opinion on howies t-shirts, you can do that too.