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the good jobs

  • Posted by ade
  • 25 May 2010

I had to take the hire van back to Carmarthen yesterday, so it was the perfect excuse to take the fixie on a 20 mile return journey over the mountain back home. Before I headed out I just wanted to see the Velodrome.

I have only ever seen the railings from the road, but never entered the park to see our concrete velodrome.

When I rode up the side and met this sight I could not believe my eyes. 405meters of smooth concrete built in 1899 still here and just about to get a make over as part of the £323k project to spruce up the park. It was so big I couldn't get it all in the picture.

So I cruised a few laps and then hoofed a few and ran out of gears even on a 48x15. The BBC website have some great pictures of it full right up in it's hayday.

Then it was time for the long ride home and the hills nearly killed me. Huge up. Huge down. Repeat all the way home with no place to sit and spin.

This hill was so steep I had to stop and crank  tight all the fixings on my shoes to get more pull on the pedals. At times I thought I was going to tear the soles from the uppers.

At the top I was mauled and stopped to eat peanut butter cliff bars and sip cool water in the hot sun looking over this field. Some days one gets the good jobs.