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turning the pain corner

  • Posted by ade
  • 20 July 2010



Yesterday 5th run since I started training again.

Start in the wildlife park at the gate, round the board walk, cross the road, onto the squirrel trail, down to the teifi, along the teifi, swim across the river and back, up the 100 steps, upto fforest, down the squirrel trail and back round the board walk.

35 minutes 26 seconds.

Today6th run. Spiked trainers. Same route, the boardwalk was like running on ice. It was hard to even get propulsion in some places. No swim as the river raged, ruben on my heels 31 minutes 50 seconds. Near best time.

Legs numb from stingers and barmbles.

Coffee at fforest as a reward.