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shooting in the wilderness

  • Posted by howies
  • 24 August 2010

Yesterday I set out with a car full of spring summer 2011 womens collection set for Jo's place near Brechfa.

I met up with Geraint at the dodgy car park on the way and follwed the GPS.

However I had made a bit of a mistake in true Mel style and set the GPS up slightly wrong and we almost ended up in Swansea (we were too busy talking  about clothes and stuff), so we turned around and headed back the way we came before turning off into the Brechfa forest.

The rain poored and the view was white, untill we got to the smaller lanes winding in and out of the valleys, then we we could see bits of mist drifting through the hills.

The roads got smaller and smaller until we went past the post office and up the hill I had seen on the google satellite view, we dropped down the hill, through the ford and up to Jos' studio which is most definitely out in the wilderness..

We poked and proded clothes into the right shape for hours and when we popped out for lunch we met the dogs.

They took a shine to Gerait and jumped all over him, luckily or unluckily he was wearing a howies hoody (don't tell Lisa) which got covered in mud.

Here are the lovely chocolate Labs, they watched us untill the evening when we finished and the sun was shining for the journey home.

Thanks to Jo for coffee, good music, lots of dog talk and your expertise in shooting clothes.