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Teifi - Tweed

  • Posted by howies
  • 20 August 2010

Where I'm from (Peebles, Scottish Borders) and where I am (Cardigan, West Wales) are two places defined by the rivers running through them, the Tweed is famous for the fabric, the Teifi for being the home of the Coracle.  They are both beautiful rivers flowing from high in the hills down to the sea, great for paddling and home to some amazing wildlife including salmon and otters.

Unfortunately that's not all they share, with salmon come poachers and with poachers come nets and with nets comes a horrible word - bycatch.  All the things that get tangled up but aren't wanted, birds, young fish and otters.

Teifi Nets
Tweed Nets

Nets don't care what they catch, they don't care how long they are left, they don't care if they're forgotten or abandoned.  They just keep catching.