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do run did. do run done

  • Posted by ade
  • 21 September 2010

I took the running workshops at the Do lectures over the weekend.  I went to the lectures feeling the weight of responsibility to please all the runners. And a little worried about my billing as fastest man in Cardigan.

Asking the 12 runners if they ran regularly and how far everyone ran 5 miles nearly every day. Much more than me.

One was a triathlete,  one ran 56km at the weekend and the last person I asked said he was an ultra marathon runner.  So I explained that due to the Welsh national champion and a coastal path running record holder living in Cardigan I was officially downgrading my status to at least 3rd fastest man in Cardigan.

After making my excuses we left and hacked round the fforest loop along the trail to the Teifi river, to the 70 step warm up climb to the 100 step wheeze to the top of the valley, through the pine forest, back to the lectures then out again to the boardwalk round the wildlife park and then raced back at race pace in time for fresh bread cooked on the fire by Tom Herbert.

This run is our back yard. It's our lunch break run. Our run of the mill run. But of all the runs you can do on this earth, if you run it you will see it's magic. It's not just the beauty of the place but the beauty of the actual trail you run on. It makes you think of every step you place.

And everyone over the weekend saw it.

We did it again on the Saturday night but this time we swam in the river mid run. The cold was like jumping through glass and then your body being crushed, but we had over 20 people in the river at one time. Pictures later!

The last day we took a boiled down group of 4 to run the Preseli hills after hearing Brian John's talk on the place. It was a wild night in true Preseli style.  Wind, low cloud, bog and lots and lots of water.

It was an amazing experience for me to take great people and great runners out on our manor.

If you are in the area, and you have your shoes, I'll take you out to feel the magic.