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Just Give Us A Nice T-shirt

  • Posted by howies
  • 1 September 2010


Just Give Us A Nice T-shirt

Just Give Us A Nice T-shirt
You could bang on about the history of the T-shirt until you’re blue. You know the story. Post war military service created a ground-up fashion phenomenon. Hot rodders schooled in mechanics in the Marines started wearing their old service T-shirts on the drag strip and around the same time surfboard builders working beneath California piers began giving T-shirts to the hottest local surfers. The first branded T-shirts predated the rock n’ roll revolution and Brando and Jimmy Dean on the silver screen.

Pretty soon an accidental fashion phenomenon was converted to agitprop – sloganeering slipped into the role that advertising copywriters would soon take over. Now crowd sourcing is the buzzword and easy screen printing melds the analogue process with digitally created design. The point of a great T-shirt is to fuse a way of looking at the world with your every day life, and there are as many ways of looking at the world represented on the 
front of a T-shirt as there are everyday lives.

But a T-shirt’s not a T-shirt unless it’s made from the right cotton, the right weight of weave. It can have the coolest design you’ve ever seen, but unless the neck of the T-shirt sits well on you, it might as well be a wall hanging or a tea towel.

howies make nice t-shirts.