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make it once, make it well

  • Posted by ade
  • 10 September 2010


I started at howies in 2003 and Ray Mears was on the telly at the time doing his stuff.

I read about the knife that he designed and then had made by Alan Wood, so I phoned to buy one. There was a three year wait.

I gave my howies e-mail address and could have sworn they had not written it down and I would never hear from them.

Nearly 7 years to the day I got an e-mail from Woodlore saying,  "we got it,  you want it"?

Yesterday I just took delivery of this beautiful tool.  The quality of the materials and finish means I shall be passing it on to my kids and them to their kids.

If you order one today you will have to wait till at least 2020 for one!