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new boy canoe

  • Posted by ade
  • 8 September 2010

Our new pilot started at howies on Monday. Peter. His qualifications are cyclist and runner.

As part of his first week we took him on our canoe to work down the Teifi. We got him to meet Scott get to the boats which was pairing the man who doesn't know how to get there with the bloke who is most likely to over sleep.

We were on the water just after 7am.

Our motley crew was Robin the warehouse manager and ruben our web geek in one canoe, Kim in operations on her sit on, David who lands the good stuff in a kayak, Mel who designs our clothes in her kayak, Peter and me in another canoe and Scott our Cardigan store manager in his own canoe.

Autumn delivered a chill clear sky with a mist over the water.

When you are right down in the Cilgeran gorge there is no noise except our chatter and paddling. It's rare to find such peace on this planet. Especially when you commute.

Once we entered the marshes by the wildlife park the sun broke the trees and the river steamed and Peter's feet thawed.

As we came into Cardigan there were birds by the howies store making a racket in a riverside bush that turned out to be a pair of quarrelling kingfishers.

We were eating warm freshly baked Welsh cakes by 8.30. Thanks to Fforest outdoor for the loan of the canoes.

And a warm welcome to the howies family to Peter.