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New In For Denim Geeks

  • Posted by ruben
  • 27 September 2010

Just a quick update for the denim geeks - we just got a shipment of some rather special jeans in.

These are the Stoker Black Selvedge jeans.

The 12.5oz unwashed black selvedge is strong, and looks amazing with the howies cyan blue trims.

The slim fit is just right, with enough room to move around but no extra fabric to get stuck in chains.

I don't actually have much to say about them,
just that there's nothing I'd add and nothing I'd take away.

I have loads of howies jeans, but only a couple of pairs I really love.

Based on early impressions, these may well become my favourites.

But they'll need a few years of wearing in before I can know for sure.

I'll let you know.