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I've noticed that howies has its own little preferences depending on where you are! Bristol like photography and Art, Carnaby like dogs and chocolate... at Cardigan shop we love canoes and anything to do with the water. If you mix all that together and add a few things you get howies HQ.

The past few times we have canoed to work, Ruben (from howies HQ)has asked me if I would give him a few lessons on solo canoeing, so last night at the last minute I agreed to give him a bit of coaching for an hour or so.

We navigated the chain that holds the canoes together and eventually got on the river. Ruben has canoed a few times before but only as a tandem paddler so it's not surprising that things started a little twitchy, By the end of it we got Ruben going in a straight line and even navigating some rapids.

So this is a pat on the back for Ruben. Well done.