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Wil Gritten Wee Do - This Tuesday!

One of Wales’ sexiest men, Wil Gritten, has flown back from his Bondi Beach pad for a whirlwind UK tour. Wil, who has modelled all over the world for some of the biggest fashion houses, was once voted Wales’ 13th sexiest man by the Western Mail. But all that posing is behind him. Now he grows organic vegetables, surfs and makes weird music. He also writes books, in which he talks about his travels and confesses his secrets. Letting Go is one of the first four titles in an exciting new series...

Wil says goodbye to his family and friends in North Wales, and hello to adventure in South America, heading into the unknown, away from comfort and predictability in a bid to ‘let go’. From the beach he lives on with only a stray dog for company, to his final destination with its tearful goodbyes, Wil shares the joys and the trials of his search for freedom of the soul. He talks candidly of friendships, drugs, sex, politics, of the fear and elation he experiences along the way, of how dangerously close ‘letting go’ can come to ‘losing it’ when the boundary between exploration and hedonism becomes blurred. 

This is no ordinary series of books. To start with, all four authors are pretty damn young (and also, possibly, pretty, young, and damned). Before they’d turned thirty, they had each approached Parthian with their manuscripts, which varied in style and genre, but were all examples of exceptional literary talent. The Bright Young Things series was born.

7.30 pm Tuesday 21st of September, howies Carnaby Street.. pop down to hear Wil talk of his travels and adventures, we have organic beer and juices, and plenty of chairs to perch on. Tickets are free as usual but give us a ring on 0207 287 2345 or drop us an email [email protected] to reserve your place.